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Air Expedition – Brazil

The Air Expedition project is flying over Brazil to discover the details of civil aviation. Two aerial circuits were completed in 2016, recording the past and present of the South American aeronautical community in a country with more than 200 million inhabitants.

In particular, the focus of the project is to visit most of the civil aviation schools in Brazil, involving not only the Brazilian public, but also the aeronautical community around the world. Check out the details and curiosities of the project during the year 2016.

November 2016

Tour in southern Brazil (Federal State of Rio Grande do Sul)

August 2016

Tour in southeast Brazil (Federal State of São Paulo)


About the Expedition

The Expedition “Aeroclubes do Brasil” is a project started in August 2016 that intends to travel through Brazil to inform and entertain the public that follows the journey on the internet.

The project is divided into different stages that will result in the publication of a book containing present and past records of Brazilian aeronautical institutions.

The Expedition addresses the positive aspects of civil aviation while the project opens space for the debate on the difficulties of aeronautical instruction in Brazil.

The Expedition therefore also plays an important journalistic role, by addressing the nuances of this impressive activity in South America.

Follow the Expedition, which is unveiling the details of Brazilian aviation, on this page.